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Geoff's Top Ten

Geoff's Top Ten Reasons why you need Location Network Media

10. You can speed without getting a ticket
Go ahead and zoom through the site. No need to file or polish your nails while waiting for your images to load. We don't want to waste your time or exasperate your ADD tendencies. We're quick and energy efficient. Your insurance rates might even go down.

9. We believe in YOU
Let our "engine" do all the work and you take all the credit. Dress us up with your own logo and Company I.D. then sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

8. This is THE ultimate Clutter Buster
No more stacks of CD's slipping around your office or worse yet, numerous web sites with locations you've paid for floating around --- except on your computer. We hereby appoint you King of your own Data Base. When you pay someone to "find it", you will be able to easily "show it" and best of all, you can "keep it." Organization never felt better.

7. The best Boy Scout in town
Amid the tinsel, smoke and mirrors, you will shine brighter. Even better you will be prepared. We take location scouting seriously. In this digital, wireless world, your scouts can upload onto your own website anytime, from anywhere. That calls for s'mores.

6. No more file cabinets
We give you a bottomless virtual file cabinet to store all of your images. Go ahead and just try to fill it up. The more images and locations you store, the more empowered you will become. Your success is our success. We want you to prosper.

5. We are not kinky
Our staff has painstakingly worked over this engine to massage out the kinks, streamline and deliver you with a smooth running product. Location Network Media's loyalty and commitment to "be there" for you 24/7 is tried and true.

4. Because THEY said so
Still not convinced? . . . Here's what people are already saying: "Scouting production locations may have become a little easier with the launch of Location Network . . ." Daily Variety

3. "Beam them up, Scoutty"
Fast upload speed is no longer light years away --- it will be at your scouts' fingertips. Any one you authorize can beam images directly into your port with a computer, an internet connection and JavaScript.

2. Our ageless beauty enhances your company
We are old pros when it comes to locations and location scouting. 28 years young, we've hung in with the best of them and hired youthful minds to fill the gap. We combined our years of dutiful service to production and married it with the web. We know what you need and better yet what you want. Trust us, you need this, you'll want this and you will love this.

1. Please don't call us "cheap," we prefer stylishly affordable
We can make you an offer you can't, and won't want to refuse. Not only will you be able to afford us, we can actually enhance your revenue stream. What are you waiting for?

Who is "Geoff" anyway . . .
Location Network is the brain child of Geoff White. With digital photography overtaking 35mm film and those good old location folders, Geoff tried to find a viewer that could receive, organize and store images at the speed of production and his ADD. He couldn't find one, so he built one. Having worked in location scouting for a lot of years, he knew what was needed.

"If I build it, they will come . . ." Geoff could be heard muttering, bent over the 4' x 6' schematic of Location Network's site map as he sipped his morning tea.

With the talents of many highly qualified website developers, designers and all purpose geeks, Location Network was brought to life. He hopes it will be a great tool for production, and his wife hopes it makes him lots of money.

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