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Scouting production locations may have become a little bit easier with the launch of Location Network, an online resource. Founded by veteran location manager Geoffrey White, the site bridges traditional location scouting with the advantages of high speed Internet.

Specific locations to match requests are quickly delivered on a Digital Desktop, an image management system created specifically for this medium. Users can then view images, send out locations to the production team and print them in a matter of minutes.

Location Network is a private enterprise and does not represent the locations found in its database. Digital photographers shot daily for the past year and a half in and around Los Angeles to create the film-ready Locations Library.

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"If a location drops out, or you need a location tomorrow, now you have a resource to get a large selection of high-quality locations in a very short turnaround time," said executive director, Geoffrey White. "When researching, we tried to find a viewer that could organize images at the speed of production, and we couldn't find on, so we built it from scratch."

Daily Variety


"Not only is Location Network great for providing a broad range of locations, they are also great for conceptualizing and brainstorming. I now use them for all phases of production, many times even before we are ready to begin scouting."

Lesley Chilcott
Producer: PYTKA

"I have been using Location Network for several years. I have found them always to be quick in responding and right on target with the location pictures. Geoff and his staff have helped me many times in pitching jobs and executing jobs we have won. I don't like to work without them."
Kellee Cragin

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Millennium Pictures

"Thanks for the help last week. Our director needed to see that we could find what we were looking for in Los Angeles. By looking at the numerous locations you were able to post for us in an hour, we knew we could bid L.A. with confidence. Location Network is an invaluable tool!"
Elicia Laport

Crossroads Films

"Location Network is my first call on every production! Their extensive library of locations and user friendly site makes them an invaluable asset to any project. It takes just one call and I have access to thousands of locations. Try them once and you'll be hooked."

"They are my best kept secret in this business!"
Rob Sexton

Harvest Films

"I have used Location Network for many years and this latest incarnation makes it an even more valuable tool. With one phone call I get access to a vast location library. I use it the moment any job is awarded and sometimes even when bidding."

"My favorite feature is being able to download an entire file or files to my computer so quickly and then being able to look through in detail when offline and sitting with a director."
Andrew Denyer

Big Lawn
Executive Producer
Big Lawn Films

"Location Network is such a great tool. We use them all the time to hone in on locations before spending tons of money on scouting. We love the service!"

Sticks + Stones Studios
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