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Location Network Media is now licensing its web-based media management application to Production Companies and Regional Location Agencies, nationally and internationally. The industry's premiere location scouting tool is now available to empower your company's location scouting division.

Your company can now have a sub-site of Location Network that can be hyper-linked through the front page of your company's corporate website. Branded and customized with your company's corporate image, Location Network Media's application is integrated to look and present itself as just another division of your company.

The requirements are minimal. No specialized technical expertise is needed, there is no software to install, no hardware to buy nor is there need for IT support and maintenance. If you have a computer, browser and internet connection, you are an eligible candidate for this powerful yet intuitive application.

As a subscriber to Location Network Media, your company will benefit from improvement of site coding and features. It is an on-line application that does not out-date itself --- it actually improves over time.

Comprising design setup and monthly service fees, Location Network Media is available at scaleable prices based on your company's size, scope and demands.

The value and significance that Location Network Media can empower your company with can begin now. Please contact our Los Angeles office at 323-660-9100 for further information.


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